Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 10: Possibilites

40 Days Transformation and Change of Heart
    Day10: Possibilities
"Don't always believe what you think."

Our thoughts of what "we can do" and "who we are" can be limiting if we believe the negative self talk we tell ourselves or what others tell us.
Our Ego is so concerned about what others think of us transformation can be really challenging. We have to unlearn our pride, our anger, our fears, our conditioning, and our resistance and come back to our "spiritual & innocent" thinking. Think of it when we are children we are free and innocent not concerned with Ego and full of possibilities. I remember thinking I could be a Broadway musical performer after seeing "Seven brides for seven brothers" it didn't matter that I'd never taken a dance, acting or vocal lessons. I'd perform on my fireplace hearth dancing and singing my heart out. So how do we peel away years of ego, emotional debris and toxic thinking and remember that childlike thinking?
The root word for Education is educere, which means "to draw forth from within" Find a way to connect with our spirituality sometimes called our center and come back to listening to our inner teacher, find child like joy and gratitude for what is and then we will break free of limiting thinking and find our possibility.

In 1992, a shipping container fell overboard on its way from China to United States, losing 29,000 rubber ducks in the Pacific Ocean. Ten months later, the first of these rubber ducks was washed ashore on the Alaskan Coast. Since then, these ducks have been found in Hawaii, South America, Australia, and travelling slowly inside the Arctic Ice. But 2,000 of the ducks were caught up in the North Pacific Gyre. A vortex of currents moving between Japan, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest. Items that get caught in the gyre usually stay in the gyre. Doomed to travel the same path, forever circling in the same waters, but not always. Their paths can be altered by a change in the weather, a storm at sea, a chance encounter with a pod of whales, Twenty years after the rubber ducks were lost at sea, they are still arriving on beaches around the world. And the number of ducks in the gyre has decreased, which means it's possible to break free, even after years of circling the same waters. It's possible to find a way to shore.

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