Monday, January 19, 2015

The Nest Builder- a lesson from a finch named Sherlock

As all good lessons have a beginning... This one begins with a Christmas gift given with Love.
My children blessed me with 8 finches for Christmas. I asked myself the same question, why? Was it that I had groaned so much at now having an "empty nest?" Or did I seem bored and needed something to nurture and clean up after so many years of parenting? I donated 4 of them to bird world and decided to keep 4 for company and noise in my art studio.
The lesson comes from the little male I named Sherlock after witnessing his intelligence. He had been pulling up pieces of the paper towel from the bottom of the cage and was building a nest. So I added a handful of shredded paper and within minutes he had it all gathered up and inside one of the finch nest I had placed in the cage. There are two nests inside the cage. Now part of the duty of having "couples" finches is watching for the eggs so I don't end up with even more finches. It's like managing a finch abortion clinic. So I have gathered 5 eggs so far out of one of the nests. This morning I noticed that Sherlock moved the paper nest he built into the other nest in the cage which is further away from the cage door, and the dangers of me! I think in hopes that I can't gather the eggs from the new nest and he and Irene can hatch a little finch one day.

The lesson: Instinively this little bird built the nest to provide and protect the egg- his family.

My children sometimes feel I worry too much or give advice when not wanted, some have even said I can be controlling. I wonder though if like Sherlock my little finch I am Instinively protecting the nest and my little ones from what I think is danger. In the world of finches and motherhood- the nest and the eggs well- being and happiness take work and finesse (or finch-ness)