Monday, September 30, 2013

Way to Go Megan! running a marathon in 3:21!

I remember running a 5K with Megan when she was 10 yrs old and helping her stay focused and positive by chanting "My legs feel strong! I feel great! I can do this!" she sprinted for the finish line leaving me in the dust- now look at her- running marathons in 3:21! Yes she's still sprinting for those finish lines with that "I can do this!" spirit. Proud of you darling- keep running strong!

I want to FLY!

I love being a Grandma! It keeps my soul and heart young.

I gave my Granddaughter Peyton a princess fairy dress up tutu with wings for her 2 year old birthday. When I put them on her she said, "I want to FLY!" so, I swung her into the air and around the room, then she ran around to continue her flight. I believe she felt she was really flying. I love the innocence and beauty of a two year olds imagination. And oh how I wish I could've magically put those wings on her and have them lift her up in the air in flight. I want her and all my children and grandchildren to always believe in the impossible and dream and imagine, and to reach for it! I want her to FLY!