Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Black Hills Recreational Leadership Lab

Crazy People with Crazy Dreams

I had the honor of being a presenter at 'The Black Hills Recreational Leadership Lab"
I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to do this. I stepped out of my comfort zone into what first appeared like a group of crazy misfits kumbaya hugging people... that ended up being some of the kindest and most loving people I've had the privilege of spending time playing with. 
This lab is set in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. There was non stop action: like songs, games, workshops packed full of information to take home, skits, lots of laughs, delicious meals, and sharing dreams; this went on from early in the morning till early in the morning. It was a testimony to me that ALL kinds of people can find common ground and work together on building a better world.
I've included a picture of the Crazy Horse Memorial- The World's Largest Mountain Carving- in progress,  with this post because I learned a great lesson not only from attending the lab but also from visiting The Crazy Horse and learning about the man sculptor artist; Korczak Ziolkowski who was asked to carve a mountain, so "the white man knows the red man has great heroes, also." Now the task of sculpting in rock wasn't new or beyond the capability of this man. What inspires me is his persistence- every morning day after day to wake up with the task of moving a mountain. Without any government financial assistance, most the time without any visual sign of accomplishing the task, and knowing you wouldn't' see the end product but that it would span generations. He died in 1964- a father of 10 children he taught and passed on his passion and dream. He had ran a timber mill & dairy farm for income while working on the project, created beautiful art and sculptures, built a home and furnishings all while trying to move a mountain a good part of the time by himself. 
So what does this man and my new lab friends have to do with each other?
I saw Crazy Creative people Driven by Passion to fulfill Dreams, to work and create something that might make life a little better for others, to leave a legacy to the next generation and to have Joy along the way.

We all have some kind of Mountains to Move! Some may be physical while others are mental or emotional, some might have to do with finding your place, your song or fulfilling your purpose. 

"The measure of a man's character
 is not what he gets from his ancestors
 but what he leaves to his descendants." -Ziolkowski

I hope to leave a legacy of being 'Crazy' about Life, 
'Crazy' in creating Joy for others and 'Crazy' in Love! 

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