Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother Day Gifts

Our Mothers Day call from Elder Cooley in Louisiana 

Mothers Day Gifts
Wild flower bouquets, styling clothes & sandals, love notes in ceramic dishes and hug & kisses...
all evidence that I am loved. 
A day to honor the mothers and women in our life, left me a little sad. 
Oh not because I was forgotten- 
my husband and children do a wonderful job in spoiling me and making me feel so special.
Nah, I blame "time" it's like a thief that I wrestle with trying to make it stand still just for a moment so I can take it all in. 
We got to Skype with Shane- what a blessing technology is for missionary moms! 
And this is where "time" is a thief- the minutes just weren't long enough. (is it weird that my TV screen has kisses on it?- not really) He also sent me a mothers day package full of Louisiana foods and letter that contained this poem: (if  you follow his mission blog he writes parables too)

"A mother is kind, a mother is great, for me she is one of the most important to celebrate. 
How to be a gentleman and how to be kind, these teachings come from my mother in which there is none greater than mine. The kingdom of God lies beneath the mother's feet, she raised me from the beginning and taught me how to use my feet. Now mother I am running and on a path that is true, don't worry about me mother because your example has taught me what to do. I fear no darkness because you have taught me light. I fear no failure because you raised me right. 
My mother is the greatest-yes to me, yes mother I will always love you, 1-2 & 3."
 -Shane River Cooley

I do have to say that being a Mother is the Greatest Gift Ever!

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  1. that kid sure does impress me. And you are an amazing Mom