Monday, April 6, 2015

What Am I Here To Do?

What Am I Here To Do?
I am here to learn.
I am here to gain a testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ.
To be His disciple, to follow Him. To make His great cause- Mine too.
I am here to learn to Love.
To see the good in others, to speak kind words, show loving actions and be like The Savior.
I am here to learn how to be a virtuous women- a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and aunt.
To create a Loving, safe and welcoming home and heart where 'all' belong
I am here to create an Eternal Family with Erik. To be one.
To nurture and care for our family
To grow together in the light and then to let them go. Knowing we "Go Forever"
I am here to learn to care for my body, mind and spirit.
Remembering I am a Goddess in the making.
To obey God's commandments, have faith and have righteous values that I live- always.
I am here to help others along the way.
To serve.
To forgive and accept.
To have a change of heart and to learn Charity.
I am here to develop my God given talents and to give them freely.
I an here to be tested, tried and proven.
I am to here to learn to listen
to the still small voice
To ponder, pray and then Go & Do!
I am here to have JOY!
I Love Being Here.

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