Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

What a Sweet Surprise! My daughter after reading my blog went on a search for a very special mothers day gift for me. After hours of internet surfing she found a copy of the 1965 book "When I grow up" like the one I had as a little girl that inspired my book "I want to be a Mommy"  Wow what great memories and emotions flooded to the surface when I opened the gift. What a sweet surprise, what even made it all the more meaningful was the thought and effort behind it, and the precious letter of gratitude attached which for every Mother is a priceless. Thanks Darling!

A great Tradition! For 25 years now my husband has awaken the children early mothers day morning to go climb the mountains behind our home to pick a bouquet of wild flowers for me. It is my favorite! It brings back memories of my first daughter 18 months old standing at the door with her arms full of wild flowers just a grinning at her accomplishment. I Love my family they treat me like a queen and not just on Mothers day. Thank you for a wonderful Mothers day!

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  1. I love this - what a treasure! You will remember this Mothers Day gift forever!