Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Stars!

wow reading reviews can be rough. I was on Deseret Books website and saw some wonderful reviews about my new book, "I want to be a Mommy" thank you! But,there was this one that disturbed me and hurt the ego a little. she titled it "Might send the wrong message" and only gave it 2 stars. My gut reaction was I wanted to have a word with this women. She obviously missed the jest of the book, or drinks pickle juice for breakfast. The original title was "More then a Princess" and the parts she labeled "fears" the transitions phrases of but.."what if's" are to lead the reader to the conclusion that a Mom can do all those things and still be a mom. A big "Dah" I hope my readers get from the book. If you pay attention the "what if's" have to do with and strengthens the next dream. Wow, like I said it was rough on my ego... Which I like to check at the door when going places. I guess I will have to do that before reading any more reviews. My art is my creations sort of like a child and it's always hard to hear critisim of your children. So, I guess to mother bear in me is writing this blog today. Hopefully the Goldielocks in me will write the next one.Thanks again for reading my books. And being a Mommy and a Grandma is the best! I give it 5 Stars!


  1. My Mom just bought this book for my little girl and we have read it over and over. We love it! It sends a great message to little girls. Mommies do all those wonderful things! Thanks for publishing a beautiful book!

  2. Thanks for your comment and generous compliment. And I love that you read to your daughter! I also love your blog name... That's one lucky husband! Thanks again for your kindness. I was pretty whinny in my last post. Enjoy reading and May God bless your way.

  3. Judy!! I just bought your book because I was standing in Deseret Book crying! Haha I love it!! I haven't jumped on the mother bandwagon yet but I'm thinking this book gave me a little push in the right direction!! Being a mother really is special. I know my mom is really special to me and I know you are a really special person in Sarah's life!! Love you guys and miss you guys!! Thanks for the good cry!