Thursday, July 31, 2014

The After-Life

                                            Our First day in the After-Life

So... this is what it feels like to have all your children grown and gone, I'm calling it the 'After-Life'. They are all off doing what we raised them to do- BEING BRILLIANT AND STANDING STRONG! It brings us so much JOY! I find the walls echo with memories. I find myself still picking up small remnants of them scattered through out the house. I find myself talking to Jack (the dog) more then ever before. I've hung a sign up that says, "Time to put on your BIG girl panties!" so, each morning I square my shoulders, remember to say prayers of gratitude and show myself how Brave my Brave is. I have loved being a stay at home Mom- I enjoyed the moments... now I'm going to find creative artist Judy, spoil Erik and the dog- and live in the After-Life happily ever after.  

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